The interactive map shows the progress of the laboratory’s research. It also allows you to consult a large amount of geographical information on toponymy, land use, plots and communal forests, as well as to visualize the changes that have taken place in the territory over the last few decades.

The interactive map was created in collaboration with the Instituto de Estudos do Territorio de la Xunta de Galicia, which granted the cartographic information under a Creative Commons Attribution International license “CC-BY 4.0 INT”.

Map tools


It allows you to identify to which layer of geographic information each entity belongs according to its appearance.


Select which layers are visible on the map and edit their appearance.


Preset views to ease the consultation of data from each of the three areas of study.


Measures distances and areas in the selected unit.


Compare aerial photographs from different periods and view the changes that have taken place.


Choose the basemap on which the information will be displayed.


Print the current view of the map in the selected format.


Share the map by mail, on your social networks or embed it on your website.